I don’t like to gossip…

Apart from when it comes to plants. Gossiping about anything else is just boring!

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As part of my work, I travel around almost every month to nurseries, garden centres, plant shops, industry shows and more, all across the UK, Europe and beyond. Unlike many gardening content creators, who show you what’s already available in stores, I like to make sure that my readers are ahead of the curve. I’ll show you new plants well before they hit the shelves, so that you can get excited about next year’s gardening calendar and get inspiration for what your garden might look like!

No garden? No problem.

My garden itself is only the size of a postage stamp, and I’m always on the search for plants that will suit urban gardens, balcony gardens and indoor gardens too. If you’re interested in plants but you don’t have the space, there’ll be something for you in this newsletter - don’t worry about that!

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TV Presenter on This Morning, Steph's Packed Lunch and ‘Michael’s Garden’ on QVC; Hortpreneur; Co-host on The Plant Based Podcast; Influencer of the Year awarded by the Garden Media Guild.