A Ranunculus frenzy and a future star 💫

The final day at IPM Essen 2023

Dear reader, welcome to the final day of IPM Essen. Today, I’ve chosen to wear my Timberland boots around the event. Not just for comfort, but because I also consider my outfit very carefully each day, in order to send the right message, and have the right conversations! Bet you didn’t imagine there was so much science behind my wardrobe.

I’ve also opted for a loose corduroy, to satisfy the slight hipster flavour I like to portray, and then a blue shirt, which is smarter and conveys that I might have my finger on the trend pulse but I can also do business, business, business*

*All of the above might be me talking rubbish. Nevertheless, I am always freshly ironed or steamed!

Anyway, let’s go. It wasn’t cold or snowing today, but it was raining, Which was a bit of a shock. And it was that really annoying, almost invisible rain.

But, even worse than that, it was slippery on the ground. I actually made a German say “scheisse” (which I don’t think I’ve heard in real life before) when she saw me slip on the descent to the underpass. I thanked her for the support.

Once in the show, I headed straight to Beekenkamp for a coffee and gossip (cossip)? with my friend Sirekit. We also marvelled over their Space Stars Begonia. Apparently, they’ve been a big success at the show. I couldn’t stop myself saying, “told you so!”

If you don’t know these already, you will soon. They are Rex type of begonia, very strong, and can be grown indoors or outdoors. I think they are the next revolution in plants, akin to when Mangave was launched. I will make an Instagram reel very soon, so you can see the full range of seductive colours.

Also of note on the display was the Dahlia La Bella Series. It’s a small patio type, but the stems are actually long enough to cut flowers as well. Who says you need a big flower patch to grow cut flowers? You can now do it in the containers!

I was in a bit of a ranunculus frenzy today as well, as I enjoyed their single and semi double varieties at Greenworks. They are bred and released for the flower market, so we might need to do a bit of arm-twisting.

Furthermore, I also indulged in ranunculus and anemones on the Italian stand, Biancheri Creations. It’s probably the most Instagrammable display at the IPM Essen!

They have a big range, some grown from claws, and others from micropropagation, so there tends to be something for everyone!

I was really concentrating on the halls one and two today, and seeing a lot of good old friends. I spent a little bit of time on the Flora Holland display, and can see a bright future for Cyperus, a plant that has been around for donkeys years, my grandma was growing them. But, they are such an architectural delight indoors, you have to try them.

The plant that really is being pushed as a future star is the Geogenanthus - the variety is Midnight Pearl, and boy I think it’s a winner. And it ties into that Weltschmerz trend too (see here!).

Something where I think it’s gone a bit too far; the wax covered daffodils. The bulbs are dipped in wax, and then potted up as normal. Sure they look cute, but I’m not sure I see the point?? Look at me, getting a conscience!

Not a new one, but Kalanchoe beharensis was looking on fleek, as people 20 years younger than me say…

Then, it was onto one of my favourite companies, they are Fusion Colours. They are managing to merge indoor plants with actual pieces of furniture, see what I mean from the photos, I have to buy all of them, this instant!!! I want to call it Plantniture - sounds good huh?

And finally, a guy I only met a few months ago, but I already know that I like him, Pieter Koen. He has invented Sticculents. I can give you a minute to work that one out, if you like?

Now, do we feel emotional about this? It’s basically a succulent cutting, with a stick inserted into its bum! You might cry out and say, it’s cruel, it’s not fair on the plant, the plant is going to die. I hear you, but, this is how you take a succulent cutting after all..

Use these sticculents in bouquets for a few weeks, and then they can be potted up. What’s your problem? Haha!

I actually encouraged Pieter to do the same with a cactus, then ran with him to a floristry stand, and put it in a bouquet. And, right there and then, we invented bouquets to give the people that you dislike….

The final instalment is on the way…

But next, I had lunch. By this time, it was such a frenzy of coffee and currywurst, I can’t even recall what I ate… But I’m sure it was delicious!